Chicken legs in mushroom sauce

Chicken legs in mushroom sauce

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The chicken legs in mushroom sauce is a main dish and the only thing you need, like addition to it is a glass of cold white wine. Is… Read More »

Deviled eggs preparation

Deviled eggs

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The deviled eggs are party food, that’s why you can serve it on your holidays or party’s. Usually  the deviled eggs are served cold. There are many variations of… Read More »

Salade Liegeoise preparation

Salade Liegeoise

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Salade Liegeoise is typical for the Liege region in Belgium. Its simple and easy to cooked. Most of the recipes not include tomatoes and cucumbers, but they give to… Read More »

Eggplant with rice and raisins preparation

Eggplant with rice and raisins

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The Eggplant taste is a little bit bitter, but when is drained well is a rich combination of flavours. When is cooked, and is combine with rice and… Read More »

Pesto alla Genovese preparation

Pesto alla Genovese

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Pesto alla Genovese is another one classic Italian recipe and originate from Genoa (northern Italy).   It biased on basil and garlic, which are some of the most used… Read More »

Mom and baby in perfect balance

Mom and baby in perfect balance

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Mom and baby, both creatures are actually one energy system, which is formed during the pregnancy. The birth is the end of this process of mutual formation of… Read More »

First words Part II

First words Part II

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The first words, or maybe the child begins to speak! The little child is an unpredictable and full with surprises being. We can read dozens of books, listen to… Read More »

Prenatal communication

Prenatal communication

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The prenatal communication is very important part of the future development of the child.Recently is an extremely modern to talk about how to form the child’s character and the… Read More »

French macarons tehnique

French macarons – tehnique

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If you want to prepare French macarons,there are four ingredients, the key is in the technique of cooking, the accurate measurement of quantities and sometimes just luck! A… Read More »


Chocolate tourism

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In the past, chocolate has been associated with South American cultures of Aztec and Mayan. Today, however, the beautiful and delicious chocolate delights are made all over the… Read More »